Business Research Methods & Tools

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The research is conducted on SWOT analysis of a new product launch which is an important part of a business plan. The research also conducted in the area of pre and post-launch product liability. The purpose of the research is to establish an opinion that is backed by research based on facts and figures. The... Read more »

How Companies Can Get Smart About Raising Prices

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When a company launches a new product or model they always try to price is reasonable and in most cases low to infiltrate into the market and appealing. Those initial prices are usually promotional offer or if not intentionally kept lower than the market for an above-mentioned reason. Companies usually target break even to minimal... Read more »

Venture Capital and Private Equity

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Principle Objective: In business, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Hardworking to meet users current needs and anticipate what they’ll want in the futures. You listen carefully attend to your market and watch your cash flow. We have solid business idea with loyalty and reputation. World is changing to global village,... Read more »

Strategic Thinking for Entrepreneur

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From startup to launch there are many factors influence entrepreneurs how they look at growth horizon. The entrepreneur’s innovative skills are one of the measure of growth how much innovative they are, the entrepreneurs look at their innovative idea as first of the growth influencer, the success of idea determine the valuation of business and... Read more »